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Flat screen TV with a mount and shelf

Posted by Administrator on 4/27/2012 to Product Information
flat screen tv with a mount and shelfI'm not sure how many of you remember those big, TV consoles that used to sit on the floor and take up way too much space. My grandparents had one and all I remember was that they put a lace cover over it and had knick-knacks on it. Well, the turn dials too. My how times have changed. Now instead of a great, big wooden box on our family room floors, we have televisions on the wall. The flat screen TV with a mount and shelf is a great was to improve the overall look of your TV viewing room.

Flat screen TVs looks great on the wall

The idea behind mounting your flat screen TV on the wall is meant to do two things - create more floor space and create a more theater-like experience for enjoying your favorite TV shows and movie. While a TV looks great on the wall, the issue becomes where to put your components like Blu-Ray players, DVD players and game systems. While I've seen some people use large pieces of furniture / TV stands for their components, this negates the true benefits of having a TV mounted on the wall. What you really need is a TV wall mount shelf.

TV Smart Shelf completes the wall mounted TV experience

The TV Smart Shelf solves the number one problem people face after getting their TV on the wall - where to put their audio and video components. Not only does this shelf provide a sleek and non-intrusive place to put your players and video game systems, but it also provides a cord management system that hides the power cords and connecting cables. With your TV and components up off the floor, the room looks bigger and cleaner. The TV Smart Shelf comes highly rated with many positive customer reviews. Available in black or clear glass and in varying lengths, this shelf for flat screen TVs is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.