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Bedroom ideas for wall mount TVs

Posted by Administrator on 3/3/2012 to Product Information
If you are looking for bedroom ideas to save space and clean up the look of your bedroom, then the TV Smart Shelf is a great product to consider. Typically the bedrooms are some of the smallest rooms in the home - especially once all the furniture is in - so finding a place to put a TV can be difficult. Wall-mounting a TV in the bedroom is a great idea as it provides a great view and doesn't take up any floor space. The only issue is where to put your components?

Bedroom ideas for wall mount TVs

If you want to share your cable connection with the main TV, typically you have to use a jumper box similar to the Joey from Dish Network. And what about a Blu-Ray or DVD player. Or even your child's video game system? Well the TV Smart Shelf is the simple solution for wall mounted TVs and will help to solve and ideas you have for your bedroom TV!

bedroom tv ideas 

A great idea for the bedroom TV

The benefits of the TV Smart Shelf are that it will attach to most stationary wall mounts without tools and provides a very sleek look. Not only that, but now there is a place for all of your components, off of the dresser and now right beneath your TV. This idea for the bedroom is a great way to maximize the room size and looks great doing it!

wall mount tv in the bedroom
The TV Smart Shelf in the bedroom pictures above is the 3' black glass TV wall mount shelf. The 3' version of the shelf is perfect for bedrooms as it comfortably holds two large components like a DVD player and a game system. This is the ideal set up for video game motion sensors allow for perfect placement! There is usually even extra room on the shelf to hold your video game controllers.